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Top MBA Courses To Specialize In

February 2022

The Masters of Business Administration is a postgraduate course undertaken by enthusiasts of the business world who look to enhance their knowledge in the corporate world.

MBA is a highly regarded study program across the globe. An increasing number of people have started pursuing MBA to become forerunners in the field and have an upper hand over the pool of aspirants. MBA is also most preferred among the recruiters. It helps in building cross-functional skills and essential soft skills. The career service it promises to future managers makes it an alluring field of study.

The preliminary years of the program are spent on foundation learning, which later transforms into the area of specifications.

Top MBA Courses To Specialize In

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing enables the student to differentiate the product in today's global market. The main enrolment requirement is Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with at least 50% scores and entrance exam scores.

One can also find himself working as a development manager or digital marketing manager. The prospects in the said field are extremely high with the opportunity to reach a high managerial position with well-paying jobs.

MBA in Finance

High pay packages with a thrilling job nature act as huge attracting factors to an MBA in Finance pursuant. It is a 2-year course with the eligibility criteria of at least 50% marks in Bachelor’s Degree and entrance exam scores.

The job area of a finance degree is extremely vast with openings as an investment banker, asset manager, portfolio manager, hedge fund manager, or derivative manager.

MBA in Human Resource

Due to the importance of a human resource department in any firm, a Human Resource degree especially from overseas education is highly sought after and offers high job security. It is a two-year degree program that focuses on recruiting the right people for the job, managing them, and providing direction and guidance to the workforce.

MBA in HR provides an opportunity to get better pay. People get a hike of around 50% after completing MBA in Human Resource Management.

MBA in Operations Management

With advancements in manufacturing and production technology, businesses require a new and improved form of operations management. This has led to the creation of an MBA in Operations management program. A degree in Operations Management enables one to manage manufacturing or service systems.

An MBA in Operations Management can prepare students to handle different aspects of a business, such as planning, manufacturing, production, or providing services, with an attractive salary package.

MBA in Consulting

Consulting is a lucrative job sought-after by individuals who are keen to study abroad. A consultant is a third party who provides strategized solutions to issues faced by the company in fields like IT, operations, public relations, advertising and education with thorough research and analysis.

Companies increasingly look to employ consultants when the in-house employees cannot find answers.

MBA in Information Systems

Information systems is a field of study that teaches students the most important elements of both business and computer science to prepare them for a field in several industries, including those with large mega-corporations, private market analyst positions and even important government jobs.

This degree in information systems enables the pursuant to manage an e-commerce business or provide aid in the field of IT. One's job profile may include system analysis and network security.

MBA in International Business

Geographical boundaries have greatly disappeared and businesses no longer function within the territories of the country. MBA in International Business program is also known as an MBA in International Management course abroad and is one of the sub-sector programs of Business management.

The MBA in International Business Abroad program is available as a 1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time) for international students and provides an insight into international business management and the global economy.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Individuals increasingly want to have their own start-ups. Thus an entrepreneurship degree will enable one to develop skills to launch a business. An MBA Entrepreneurship degree can be procured in two years, but also can be completed in one year. One's creative and analytical skills are greatly harnessed in this course.

There are several job openings available to an MBA Entrepreneurship aspirant abroad in terms of both businesses and job roles offered. An average salary that an MBA Entrepreneurship abroad graduate can expect is INR 40 Lakhs per annum.

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MBA Courses to study abroad

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